Work, Play, Teachings, & Musings by Eric Fossas.

AppSys apply

AppSys is an enterprise level software developed for assisting graduate schools with the admissions. It contains tools for applications, databasing, scheduling, and more.

Qengine quiz

Qengine is a quiz engine. Write one question for it, and it can generate randomized versions of the same question. It currently works with Moodle using the Opaque protocol.

Bengine create

Bengine is a block engine. It handles the creation and presentation of blocks in a web browser. The contents of a block are programmed using the Bengine API.

GitHub projects

My personal GitHub contains forks of open source repos I develop and school projects.

Academic Systems source

The Academic Systems GitHub contains open source repos of academic software projects I develop and maintain, including Qengine & Bengine

CU Computer Forge community

CU Computer Forge is a student organization I started at the University of Colorado Boulder. It focuses on project development & cloud computing.

Teachings / Musings

Tek tuts, muzic re-partéé && gneral rAnts.